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Netflix Releases The King Trailer A War and Historical film

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Netflix on Tuesday released the first trailer for the historical war drama “The King”, which is expected to be released this fall.

The film is based on the plays of the world-renowned writer William Shakespeare, henry IV in its part and Henry V.

The king begins after the death of English king Henry IV while fighting the French, his son Henry V took over at a young age, and how he led the English army during the war with France.

The film stars Timothy Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, Joel Egerton, Lily-Rose Depp, Ben Mendelsohn, Sean Harris and Dean-Charles Chapman.

The film’s premiere will take place at the Venice Festival on September 2nd, and Netflix will set the exact date of its release on the net thereafter.


The King was Originally written and directed by Michaud David , director of the Animal Kingdom, and also co-written by American-Australian actor Egerton Joel the actor behind “Bright” Movie on netflix in 2017.

Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn plays King Henry IV, American actor Timothy Chalamet plays Henry V, and Robert Pattinson plays Dauphin France, the heir to the French throne.

The film is produced by Netflix and a host of companies, most notably Plan B Entertainment, which is owned by Brad Pitt and others.

Does Timothy Chalamet secure another Oscar nomination?
American actor Timothy Chalamet starred in the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Call Me by Your Name.

This year, Chalamet participates in three films: Woody Allen’s Rainy Day in New York, David Michaud’s “The King” and Greta Girog’s Little Women.

The King on #Netflix: Is it the next big Oscar contender?— Digital Spy (@digitalspy) September 4, 2019

The King and “Little Women” are expected to compete in the awards season this year for what it has from great actors to the working staff.

Why does Martin Scorsese love the Global streaming Network Netflix

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For people Who aren’t familiar withe the name “Scorsese ” here is a brief line about him , Martin Charles Scorsese is an American-Italian filmmaker and historian, whose career spans more than 50 years. Scorsese work Focus on Famous themes as the American-Italian identity, Catholic Roman concepts of guilt and redemption, faith,crime-machismo, modern , and gang conflict. exciting themes ha!

Global director Martin Scorsese is preparing for a busy year, with two films scheduled for 2019 on the global streaming network Netflix: The Irishman, the upcoming Irish gangster film, and a documentary about Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue. The two films will be released on netflix as well as netflix-specific cinemas, putting Scorsese in the face of the current that puts Netflix in the face of the theatrical experience in cinemas.

Taken by @francesca.scorsese on film

A post shared by Martin Scorsese (@martinscorsese_) on Mar 25, 2019 at 7:14pm PDT

Speaking to Vanity Fair as part of a celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the opening of Film at Lincoln Center, the audience was left stunned when he answered a question why he joined Netflix by saying, “They’ve come up with two things, money and freedom.”

It is worth noting that Irishman was initially produced by Paramount Pictures before putting the huge number of budget needed for the studio in a critical position, especially after the huge financial loss of Scorsese’s Silence. Netflix thus saved Irishman and stood by him despite a high budget of $100 million in visual effects, with some projections suggesting that the entire film’s budget exceeded $140 million.

Netflix and Scorsese

Scorsese was also asked by Vanity Fair about the tension between the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Netflix, and earlier this month the Academy voted not to change any rules for oscar nominations and film release windows. This issue has caused a clear controversy among the academy, where some wanted to impose stricter rules regarding the screening of cinemas where Netflix released the film Rome in cinemas just three weeks before it was broadcast through its internet network, although there are rules for example imposing a show E for a whole month before airing online in this case Netflix will not be able to participate in the Academy Awards and its scans.

“I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about the Netflix problem, to give them a break, they’re still a new world,” Scorsese said of the academy. They may do different things, and as a result no one can ignore the big box office movies. I want people to be patient, because they need to try different things and argue with them, and that’s something that motivates you to think, what’s the movie? And how should the film be presented? Especially in a new world.”

Rolling Thunder Revue will finally be broadcast on June 11, but so far the streaming giant Netflix has not announced the launch date of Irishman despite their confirmation that it will air in the fall of 2019.

YouTube and Netflix Will Soon Be Coming To Tesla Screens

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The future of Tesla: watch movies as the car drives itself
To add to the excitement, Musk said that the goal is to have the movies streaming live even when the car is moving, but this will only happen once they are legally fully autonomous and have been “approved by regulators.”

If that wasn’t enough, Tesla’s in-car gaming would also be included in this list of future goals. Driver, passengers and all, everyone will be able to take part during long, or short, drives.

Tesla car owners will soon be able to follow their favorite movies and series from Netflix and funny videos from YouTube channels directly from the inside screen.

Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix when car is stopped coming to your Tesla soon! Has an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround sound audio.— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 27, 2019

The screen inside tesla cars is not only to provide the driver with the necessary information about the road and the car, but it is also for entertainment where Tesla has already revealed the possibility of playing in it within the e3 games exhibition and there will be powerful games like Fallout Shelter and Tesla itself launched cuphead in addition to Classic Atari games such as Tempest, Pole Position, and Missile Command, and for smart game rs, they can play chess via Tesla Arcade.

The games only work if the car is parked and the steering wheel can be used to control the game, and now with the necessary approvals, the follow-up videos will only be when the car is off the action and with the experience of watching movies and surround sounds, and in the future if the authorities agree to Fully self-driving cars, Tesla will do on-the-go viewing as well.

The most important problem now is that the Tesla screen doesn’t support HTML5, which is the format that all YouTube clips do today, so Tesla will need to send software updates before the feature is activated.

Activation of entertainment within the car is especially targeted at passengers and not the driver, especially if there are children who can entertain by watching cartoons on the screen while waiting inside the parked car for the driver to return from outside.

Perhaps the future of Tesla owners involves living full-time in their vehicles, given all the fancy added features yet to come!

At the moment, the plan is for Tesla’s Models S, 3, or X to enjoy these perks.

The days of sitting bored in traffic or waiting for a friend to get ready will be long gone, thanks to Tesla.

Everyone will enjoy staying up to date with the latest TV shows or news, and until the self-driving features of the Tesla cars are approved entirely, the streaming of YouTube and Netflix while you’re not driving, will have to suffice.

Netflixs history From DVD rentals to streaming success

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Netflix was born three times in 20 years, the first launch in 1997, when the company began offering movies on DVD and mailing them to customers. It was born again in 2007 after the launch of the online streaming service for movies and finally the birth of everyone who was heard and heard in 2016 by launching Netflix services worldwide and expanding services to more than 100 countries in one batch.
It was the real launch of Netflix when it switched and focused its services on launching movies online and making them available to customers, helped by the spread and development of internet speeds as well as people’s obsession with tablets and mobiles. This feature was a key factor in attracting customers and their conviction of the service, which the company reinforced by confirming that its content can be seen from anywhere and at any time, which is the opposite of what tv services in America depends on, which the customer is forced to pay for the cable for television to get the channels that Wake wants Its schedule is limited and linked to the channel’s presentation schedule.

In order to make it easier for the reader to track the company’s development and success in achieving its goals of increasing sales and increasing subscriber numbers, this article will examine the period between 2010 and the results of the second quarter of 2016. It is a rather long period and there have been changes and radical changes and decisions in the company’s career, so it will be studied in three stages to facilitate the reader in tracking events and knowing the impact of each period and its decisions on the company’s career. The first period will be for the period (2010-2012), then (2013-2015) and then in 2016 alone. The reasons for choosing this division will be explained later, although this division does not mean comparing the results between the three periods because the comparison will not be fair because of the difference in time between them as well as the different circumstances of the company during the duration of the analysis in this article. The aim here is only to study the impact of the company’s decisions on achieving its objectives financially and digitally. The company was working on two parallel lines to increase sales and profits, expanding services to more countries, increasing the number of subscribers and adding Netflix content that adds exclusive advantage to it and its followers.

The first phase (2010-2012) the company during this period was first launched outside the walls of America and this decision was very important in the spread of Netflix and entering new markets. The company launched the internet streaming service in America only and lasted for three years from the period (2007 -2009) and in 2010 the company expanded its services to add Canada. In 2011, the company expanded to add Latin American countries. Then in 2012 it expanded to add 5 European countries. These expansions alone added 13 million new subscribers to Netflix from 2010 to 2012, with a total of 33 million subscribers (6 million from outside America and 27 million from within America). This addition of followers and expansion in new countries did not add much value to corporate sales and continued sales in the range of $3 billion during this period. This, of course, reflects that the company’s geographical expansion alone will not serve the company and will not significantly support its profits.

The second stage (2013-2015) is the production of its own programs and the change in the format of the series show completely! In 2013, the company launched its famous series House of Cards and then orange is the new black, the company’s first real launch in producing its own programs before going into the following years 2014 and 2015. What did these two series add to Netflix within one year of their release? Sales increased to nearly $4.5 billion, a figure that the company had not previously seen with geographical expansion, and the number of subscribers during the entire first phase increased by 13 million. In 2013 alone, the number of subscribers increased by 10 million. A total of 44 million subscribers (33 million from America, 11 million from outside America). This year in particular shows the impact of the change in the thinking of Netflix based on series of its own production because in 2013 only one country was expanded and yet the number of subscribers increased by 10 million, which makes the belif that the strong influence of the increase of followers was from the two exclusive series that produced them specifically House of Cards has earned him a great international fame thanks to the plot of the story and the creation of roles by the series’ co-star.

During the remaining two years of this phase, Netflix launched new series in 2014 and 2015, most famously Marco Polo and Marvels Daredevil, Narcos, and also expanded again in 2014 and 2015 to add more than 10 European and East Asian countries. During these two years, the company merged its policy of geographical expansion with an exclusive production increase and had a significant positive impact, with the total number of subscribers increasing to 75 million in 2015 compared to 44 million in 2013. This means adding 31 million in just two years, a significant figure that the company has not achieved such a rate of increase in subscribers previously.

After the Netflix experience in the first phase of geographical expansion alone and then the exclusive production experience alone in 2013 and after the experience of merging the two in 2014 and 2015. Netflix’s appetite for re-experience 2014 and 2015 has opened up but bigger and bigger! This is the third phase of this article covering the first and second quarters of 2016. Netflix is determined to open up to the entire world almost by making its services available to more than 130 countries at once and promised its investors that it will launch a total of 600 hours during 2016 from the exclusive production of series on its network and at a rate of 45 minutes per episode as is customary in the episodes of the series, it means 800 new episodes. In just one year, these are all very large figures in theory that are supposed to jump the company, its profits and the number of its subscribers to higher levels than in previous stages.

The first quarter results were very positive in terms of the number of subscribers, with the number of subscribers jumping to about 7 million new subscribers to 82 million subscribers, 34 million of whom were from outside America. This increase in 3 months is twice the increase that Netflix had in the previous two years, as it was on average the addition of 1,200,000 subscribers per month, while in the first quarter the average monthly rate was 2,300,000 subscribers.

Netflix and its competitors?

Netflix’s reputation seems to be ahead of it, as they say, over the multiplicity of Competitors of Netflix, and we note that the majority sometimes do not know the names of the competitors of Netflix, which reflects Netflix’s dominance and overtaking the scene so far. In general, one of the most important names that offer similar services and very close to Netflix is Amazon veido and Hulu. In one of its reports to the company’s investors, Netflix said it had limited the top 200 films and series to the Netflix package and compared it to amazon and Hulu as a kind of comparison with competitors. I found that Amazon has only about 97 of the Top 200 names at Netflix. And Hulu is much less. This is a practical example of manipulating numbers to weight the opinion you want. Because the fair in this case would be if Netflix chose a list of the top 200 films from a neutral site according to viewers’ votes such as IMDB and then compared the number of names in its library with the rest of the competitors to the same list.

Netflix also presented a report showing its acquisition rate in America alone, based on the volume of data carried, with the ratio being around 35%, while Amazon 4% and Hulu 3%. After the recent global expansion of Netflix, it seems that the difference between them and competitors will increase or, at the very least, delay the time they need to reach the same spread that Netflix has done.

In the end Netflix succeeded a great success in producing exclusive series for her and was at a high level of quality and plot and performance the company’s fortunes would be very large if it continued to expand with its exclusive production of series which will pull the rug out of the control of traditional television in addition to that the company needs expansion In her thoughts of getting a live stream of world matches or major events around the world. Because Netflix’s exclusive production seems to have a more positive impact than geographical expansion alone. This analysis remains to measure the impact of expansion during the first and second quarters and it will be fair to issue an appendage analysis when Netflix announces its fiscal year 2016 report at the beginning of 2017 to compare the entire year with previous years.

Netflix is Trying To Win The Seinfeld Show Before 2021

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Streaming is the future of TV. the big part of streaming business revolves around old TV Movies and Mostly shows.

Latest case in point: Netflix is paying a lot of money for the rights to show Seinfeld to its 150 million subscribers around the world, starting in 2021.

Seinfeld is an American sitcom about live and action created by the Famous Larry David and his Friend Jerry Seinfeld for NBC Network . The show stars the creator Seinfeld as a fictionalized version of himself, and mostly focuses on his personal life with a handful of friends and acquaintances, including best friend (Jason Alexander) stars George Costanza , friend and former girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and neighbor across the hall Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards).

That means the showthat was originally ran on the “NBC” from 1989-1998 will be moving from the current streaming homes ” Hulu” in the US & Amazon in most of the rest of the world, for a 5-year run.

Netflix Department aren’t saying how much it’s paying for Seinfeld’s 180 episodes. Los Angeles “Times”, which broke the news today, many sources who say Netflix will end up paying more than the $550 million “NBC-Universal” is reportedly paying for The Office for its future streaming platform, or the $425 million Warner Media paid to get Friends back. Hulu’s current deal has it paying $140 million for 6 years of the Seinfeld Show. what Quiet Competition right there !

The price for TV shows that people have heard of, that also have big, binge-able back catalogs of one hundred episodes or more, continues to rise Up in the US as more streaming competitors Pops up online. Netflix is also streaming around the world, as opposed to the US-focus some other services have.

Jerry &
Elaine &
George &
Kramer &

All 180 episodes of the Emmy-Award winning Seinfeld are coming to Netflix ‘ worldwide!’ starting in 2021— Netflix US (@netflix) September 16, 2019

that means the cost for Seinfeld show is going to be a huge number, which will definitely grab your attention when it comes out rolling Online, sooner or later. But the bigger news here is that Netflix is buying someone else’s high-profile programming show instead of seeing high-profile programming that it currently streams leaving for a competitor.

you may have some idea that Netflix Is Losing Its Shows To Disney And Other Networks such as Hulu or even Apple+ because that’s very true , Would be Netflix competitors including Disney, Comcast’s NBC etc … are taking programming that used to run on Netflix and bringing it back to their own network , yet to launch other streaming services.

Since those Netflix competitors still sell some of their shows to Netflix, and may continue to do so for a long term in the future. And some shows and movies that leave Netflix may still end up back on Netflix because of existing and Expensive deals.

Some popular stuff on Netflix is going away obviously concerning to the streaming company, which already missed its subscriber numbers by a Big margin a few months ago before the launch of any new competitors and before the high end profile deals to move those old shows to competitors actually kicks in such as Disney+. but the time will tell How Netflix will defend its own platform from those strong competitors.

The Best Movies and Seriers Coming to Netflix in October

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What’s Leaving Netflix on October 1st

21 titles currently expected to leave on October 1st.

  • Bare Knuckle Fight Club (TV Series)
  • Border Patrol (TV Series)
  • Botched Up Bodies (TV Series)
  • Bringing Sexy Back (TV Series)
  • Casanova (TV Series)
  • Clash of the Collectables (TV Series)
  • Corazón Valiente (TV Series)
  • Court Justice (TV Series)
  • Diva Brides (TV Series)
  • Fantastic (TV Series)
  • Ghost Town Gold (TV Series)
  • Horror Homes (TV Series)
  • Impractical Jokers (TV Series)
  • Midsomer Murders (TV Series)
  • My Horrible Boss (TV Series)
  • Sammy & Bella’s Kitchen Rescue (TV Series)
  • Slice of Paradise (TV Series)
  • Space Dealers (TV Series)
  • The World’s Worst Disasters (TV Series)
  • Trawlermen Tales (TV Series)
  • Wild China (TV Series)

What’s Leaving Netflix on October 4th

1 titles currently expected to leave on October 4st.

  • Rostered On (TV Series)

What’s Leaving Netflix on October 7th

1 titles currently expected to leave on October 7st.

What’s Leaving Netflix on October 9th

2 titles currently expected to leave on October 9st.

  • Secret Healer (TV Series)
  • The Outstanding Woman (TV Series)

Netflix is building up a three-section Bill Gates narrative

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Entryways said it might appear to be strange to make the narrative while they’re still highly involved with explaining a portion of the world’s extremely intense issues however he is confident that the task will get more individuals occupied with the issues. “I trust this narrative leaves individuals hopeful that huge issues can be handled,” Gates said.

Netflix is set to debut a three-section narrative one month from now that looks at the post-CEO life of Microsoft prime supporter Bill Gates as he endeavors to illuminate a portion of the world’s most suffering issues.

It’s difficult to accept yet it’s been almost a long time since Gates ventured down as Microsoft CEO in January 2000. Close by his significant other, he propelled the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that equivalent year by consolidating three family establishments.

With help from Warren Buffett, Gates helped dispatch the Giving Pledge in 2010 which supports riches couples and people to focus on giving in any event half of their total assets to charitable causes.

Breaking Bad film featuring Aaron Paul to debut on Netflix in October

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Main concern: Many, including Paul, accepted the universe of Breaking Bad had been put to rest when the arrangement finale circulated. Without a doubt, probably the best characteristic of the show was the way that it didn’t drag the story out pointlessly just to get more cash-flow. A film that proceeds with the story is somewhat unsafe however originating from Gilligan, the expectation is that it does the arrangement equity.

Netflix on Saturday reported that it is chipping away at a spin-off component film that proceeds with where Breaking Bad left off about six years prior.

Spoiler alert from the first arrangement.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie pursues Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) quest for opportunity in the wake of getting away from his captors with the assistance of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the last scene of the arrangement. In the event that you review, Pinkman drove off in an El Camino, consequently the name of the up and coming film.

Netflix has quite recently dispatched its five-billionth DVD

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What simply occurred? Keep in mind when Netflix was a circle via mail administration as it were? It may astonish you to discover that the DVD-rental piece of its business is as yet going, and it’s simply passed a huge achievement: sending the five-billionth circle.

It was 21 years prior when Netflix started conveying DVDs to clients, arriving at its initial billion out of 2007. As revealed by Variety, the organization’s video spilling administration propelled not long after if that wasn’t already enough for endorsers, some time before it turned into the worldwide wonder we know today.

It took an additional four years before Netflix split its DVD-rental and spilling membership administrations into two separate plans and organizations. Obviously, the quantity of supporters of the previous has dropped essentially throughout the years, from 14 million out of 2011 to 2.4 million in the second quarter of this current year. The organization has additionally decreased the quantity of DVD dispersion centers in the US from its pinnacle of 50 to only 17 starting a year ago.

The Best Movies and Seriers Coming to Netflix in September

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‘The Spy’ Limited Series

Begins gushing: September 6

“The Spy” performs the life of the Mossad employable Eli Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen, all reality here) and his covert work in Syria during the 1960s. Scenes switch back and forth between Cohen’s past (his rushed enlistment by Israeli insight quite a long while prior) and present (his foundation of associations with Syrian government officials and authorities so as to access state and military mysteries).

‘Hi, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea’

Begins spilling: September 13

“I need to realize that how generally will be a superior white individual to ethnic minorities,” Chelsea Handler says in this narrative about white benefit, including and particularly, her own. (Keep in mind her book “Uganda Be Kidding Me”? The individuals she meets here do.) The issue Handler rapidly experiences is that she’s soliciting individuals from shading to do the truly difficult work for her. Handler comes to recognize this, and as she delves further into her subject the seeds of another understanding start to grow.

‘Extraordinary’ Limited Series

Begins gushing: September 13

Marie Adler (Kaitlyn Dever), a previous cultivate kid, affirms she was assaulted by a home gatecrasher. Be that as it may, to a few, she neglects to measure up to the desires for what a “genuine” unfortunate casualty is: She appears to be disengaged, her record has minor irregularities and she’s not adapting to the injury the path people around her figure she should.

‘Criminal’ Season 1

Begins gushing: September 20

It’s not exactly precise to call “Criminal,” which is set in four diverse European nations, a police procedural. Every scene is centered around an alternate anecdotal case, indeed, however nearly the sum of every one is spent in a cross examination room (or here and there behind a two-route reflect with watching agents), as opposed to out on the town on the chase for hints.